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Todo List

The latest list is available at

Bug reports and other suggestions should be directed to the developers at this time.

Global glutSolidSierpinskiSponge
Consider removing the offset parameter from the API (use a helper function).

num_levels should really be unsigned.

Global glutSolidTetrahedron
See todo-list on glutWireTetrahedron().

Global glutWireOctahedron
It may be faster (and look better) to draw each edge once, setting the Normal at each edge. (I don't think that this matters all that much, but a lineloop was proposed for the wire Cube for speed.)

Global glutWireSierpinskiSponge
Refer to the TODO entries for glutWireSierpinksySponge().

Global glutWireTetrahedron
Merge r0 r1 r2 and r3 into one array.

Put the normals into the (or an) array.

Make the array static const, with file scope, and share with glutSolidTetrahedron().

Maybe consolidate with the SierpinskySponge? Logo Supported in part by

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