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OpenGLEAN: A leaner GLUT

The hope of this page is to clarify OpenGLEAN's position by giving the official OpenGLEAN view of OpenGLEAN.

In late 2004, Richard Rauch created OpenGLEAN as a fork off of OpenGLUT.

The name is meant to suggest "lean", in contrast to "gluttony". Though "gleaning" also means to "collect bit by bit", especially used of picking through harvested grain. This second meaning is also apt, as OpenGLEAN is trying to separate the "grain" from the "chaff" in the API.

Some very significant portions of the GLUT API, as received from OpenGLUT. are destined for removal. Any of several reasons can be the cause of removal:

So OpenGLEAN is seeking to winnow the API.

See also OpenGLEAN's own SourceForge web site.

See also openglean's own SourceForge interface. Logo Supported in part by

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