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freeglut: The free OpenGL Utility Toolkit

The hope of this page is to clarify OpenGLEAN's position by giving the official OpenGLEAN view of freeglut.

freeglut was created by Pawel W. Olszta shortly after Mark Kilgard ceased supporting GLUT. The goal is to produce an open-source drop-in replacement for GLUT. To be able to work without requiring applications to recompile, freeglut must try to emulate old GLUT as nearly as possible. This generally means quirks and bugs as well as desirable features. It also, on UNIX-like systems, requires that freeglut use the same shared-library version number and the same shared library name. This has numerous negative consequences: As freeglut is still trying to converge on GLUT compatibility, it is breaking its own ABI compatibility from time to time.

The only benefit of insisting on this level of rigidity is that if you have a program that you cannot recompile, you can still do a "naive" freeglut installation and have the old program work.

freeglut asserts that it has not one byte of code taken from GLUT. Since the early days of freeglut were not under a public-access CVS, we must take that at face value.

freeglut's inability to grow beyond GLUT forced the creation of OpenGLUT.

See also freeglut's own SourceForge web site. Logo Supported in part by

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