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OpenGLEAN gleanfonts API Reference

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 Bitmapped Fonts
 Stroked Fonts
 Experimental Features
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Detailed Description

OpenGLEAN's gleanfont satellite library currently supplies a superset of the old GLUT font APIs: One for bitmapped fonts (rendered left to right as pre-rasterized pixels) and one for stroked fonts (rendered left to right with each letter 0 or more GL_LINE_STRIP objects). Old GLUT on UNIX-like hosts would let you supply your own font data; on WIN32 you could only ask for fonts that were hard-coded into the GLUT core.

OpenGLUT chose to use opaque cookies more in the style of WIN32, even on UNIX-like hosts. OpenGLEAN has inherited this, but is considering providing a way for clients to supply data in the same format as OpenGLEAN uses internally, as well as other ways of using more fonts than the very small handful that old GLUT originally included. Logo Supported in part by

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