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Known Bugs

The latest list is available at <a href="> Bugs can be reported and resolved through the OpenGLEAN SourceForge project interface.

File fractals_random.c
Uses a poor random number generator if rand() is not very good. We should define our own, since rand() is all that the C language will guarantee for us.

Global glutMainLoop
Talking to other message systems (e.g., network layers) can be a bit bothersome under the GLUT event model.

Global glutFullScreen
It is reported that some window managers (under X) do not let a fullscreen window cover up, e.g., icons. This can probably be handled by making the fullscreen window unmanaged. Alternatively, "stay on top" might work, but "stay on top" has to be tweaked for every window manager and doesn't work on most.

Global glutInitDisplayMode
GLUT_OFFSCREEN windows do not work with nVidia cards/drivers. (Both Win32 and X11)

GLUT_BORDERLESS seems to vary by the window manager on X11, though twm (for example) performs very similarly to WIN32. But KDE's window manager (for example) does not let you send keystrokes to borderless windows without OpenGLEAN hacks.

Global glutPositionWindow
Menu windows should probably reposition relative to their parents.

Global glutSetCursor
Some cursorID values are not yet supported on WIN32.

Global glutOverlayDisplayFunc
OpenGLEAN does not implement layers at this time.

Global glutDeviceGet
Keyboards are optional, but OpenGLEAN doesn't detect their absence.

Mice are optional, but OpenGLEAN is only able to check for them under WIN32.

Mice can have a varying number of buttons, but OpenGLEAN assumes exactly 3 on UNIX_X11.

HAS/OWNS queries on joysticks don't report how many joysticks are there.

BUTTONS/AXES queres on joysticks only work with the first joystick found.

Only supports querying for one joystick.

Global glutGetModifiers
Does not differentiate between the left and right forms of the modifiers.

Global glutGet
ogElapsedTime() returns a long, but glutGet() only is defined to return an int.

Group gamemode
It behaves differently on different systems. E.g., on some X systems, changing the video mode is impossible. This has led some developers to use game mode as a ``grab the mouse'' mode, without intending a resolution change.

Replacing game mode with a better design was discussed at some length in early 2004.

One idea was to decompose gamemode into component parts and implement them separately, where each part then either succeeds totally or fails totally:

There is no way for game mode to report a partial failure.

There is no way to guarantee cleanup if OpenGLEAN crashes during game mode---or if the client crashes or directly exits, etc.

Some XFree86 releases, with some drivers, can fail to set the video mode properly, resulting in disasterous failure (an unusable display). This is presently somewhat headed off by a compile-time option, but a runtime option would be better, as there may be cases where the user is willing to put up with the risk for some---and only some---OpenGLEAN applications. Since game mode applications are somewhat dim-witted about such user preferences, it seems, an OpenGLEAN runtime control could be desirable.

Global glutSetColor
Probably should clone the root window's color map to start.

Global glutSetWindowStayOnTop
Should walk the tree of menus and glutPopWindow() (or all windows that are of menu-window type?). (This issue is somewhat obviated as GLUT style menus are slated for removal.)

Global glutEnterGameMode
OpenGLEAN may be unable to restore the original settings (this has been observed on WIN32).

Global glutMenuStatusFunc
Your callback is not actually called presently.

Global glutMouseWheelFunc
Due to lack of information about the mouse, it is impossible to implement this correctly on X at this time. Use of this function limits the portability of your application. (This feature does work on X, just not reliably.) You are encouraged to use the standard, reliable mouse-button reporting, rather than wheel events.

Global glutWireCuboctahedron
Normals are computed relative to the square faces, so every facet set of 4 lines has a single normal (and the normals of the triangle faces are ignored). Logo Supported in part by

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