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OpenGLUT: An open source evolution of the GLUT API

The hope of this page is to clarify OpenGLEAN's position by giving the official OpenGLEAN view of OpenGLUT.

In early 2004, pressure to grow freeglut beyond the bounds of a GLUT clone reached a breaking point as the freeglut project administrator dictated the removal of a well-discussed and reasonably well-designed feature (offscreen windows).

Nigel Stewart and Richard Rauch formed OpenGLUT. Although their intention was to continue to support freeglut, that project administrator wouldn't hear of it. So, freeglut has been relegated mostly to importing OpenGLUT work since that time (up to this writing, at any rate; there is some hope that freeglut may have found a new active developer).

OpenGLUT laid out numerous proposals, documented the API fairly completely, fixed many bugs, and added a few features.

However, one of the OpenGLUT founders had always stated a desire to trim certain features from the API. "Leave freeglut to handle backwards-compatibility; let's move forward," was his view. No concensus was ever reached over this point. Although not the straw that forced a further fork, it was probably the most important issue.

After some reflection, Richard created a further fork, called OpenGLEAN and has been working on that since.

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